Spacious Rooms at the Commodores Inn!

  • Enjoy the comfort of a Sealy Posturpedic Pillow Top (Innerspring Performance Model)

Sealy Performance series with propriety Posturepedic Technology to provide full-body comfort. Specifically engineered coil systems improve sleep stability with reinforced support under the heavier part of the body.

Did you know?

50% of your body weight rests in the middle while you sleep. That’s why we’ve engineered Posturepedic Technology to reinforce the center to support your back and core. It targets the heaviest part of your body to deliver reinforced support so your body stays level while you sleep.

From the Manufacturer:
Our traditional, innerspring option responds to your every movement and offers you an exceptional level of support, including our exclusive Posturepedic Technology. We use advanced, precisely-engineered coil systems to promote proper alignment while delivering a “sleep-on-top” feeling. Our exclusive Posturepedic Technology provides stable, all-over support you want, with reinforced support under the heaviest part of your body, where you need it most.

So come on up and enjoy all that we have to offer here at the Commodores Inn along with the many summer activities in the area such as mountain biking on miles of wooded trails and dirt roads, hiking the mountains or strolling the recreation path, paddling on our pond or on many of the lakes and rivers in the area, swimming and exploring beautiful water holes, gondola sky ride, shopping, dining and touring and tasting the many craft beverages including beer, wine, and distilleries.