We have had an amazing winter in Stowe with bountiful snow for most of the season starting before Thanksgiving. Finally though we are just beginning to feel the effects of spring which is just around the corner.  The spring birds are filling the air with their beautiful song. The sunshine is higher and brighter, the days are getting longer and have a hint of sweetness in the air as the sap begins to flow.  This first warmth is bringing on some amazing spring like skiing and riding.

There are some classic spring events coming up. Our annual Retro 80s celebration will be held on March 22-24th. It is be perfect time to celebrate the 80s in your neon one piece suits and mullets. The annual Sugar Slalom is celebrated with a Mardi Gras atmosphere along with sugar on snow, donuts, pickles, BBQ & music. It will be celebrated on April 6 and 7.

Please check the links below for all spring event information.